What we do

We are a group of animal lovers. Some of us have already lost an animal and do not want to give up the search.

To find a lost or runaway pet is a very difficult undertaking, especially in Spain. We want to change and improve it with this unique pet register and our search center.

In almost all countries there is a pet registry which can significantly help to find a missing animal quickly and efficiently. Some were established already 40 years ago and have been running very successfully.

MASCOTAFIND is a non-profit association registered in Switzerland with the purpose of reuniting lost and missing animals with their owners.

All pets can be registered in our MASCOTAFIND register for a small one-time fee. Any important information about the pet, including photos, are recorded here. In the event of a suspected theft or disappearance, a search on MASCOTAFIND can immediately be initiated.

The registered animals are not visible to the public. Photos and information about the animals are only made public online if they are reported missing on MASCOTAFIND. And of course, no information about the owners of the animals will ever be published. Contact details and contacts made while a case is open, will be treated discreetly in accordance with the valid data protection rules and will only be handled by us, the founders of MASCOTAFIND pet registry for Spain.

When a missing pet is reported, the registered data of the animal with a photo and an exact description will also be forwarded to the responsible authorities (Police and municipalities), as well as to the veterinary doctors, animal shelters and rescue centers in the area. If available, the microchip is of course also taken into account. When somebody finds an animal which appears to be lost, he/she can find out quickly and easily on MASCOTAFIND whether it’s reported as lost or missing. In addition, the finder can also report right there where the animal was seen and/or mark directly the animal as "found".

With the help of this pet register it is also possible to take better measures against illegal actions and to remove animals, that are wrongly considered to be homeless, from the street.

We mediate between searchers and people who have found or taken in animals. To do this, we also need the help of people who have signed up as "scouts" in our helper network. They actively look out for missing/lost pets and/or help finding them and bringing them back to their rightful home.

To find animals we work together with the Police, rescue centers and local authorities, We count on the acceptance of our cause and the and the help of the responsible authorities.

We will publish up-to-date information on legal requirements as well as current events that come to our attention, for example about pour animal husbandry, cruelty to animals or similar.

The mediation of animals is not one of our tasks. We are happy to leave it to helpers focusing on this.

We do not take care of the concerns of industrial animal husbandry either (the word “industrial” in itself is unbelievable!). Our only concern is lost pets.

We are grateful for every helper that can be won for our cause.

The larger our network becomes, the better the chances for successfully returning lost pets to their rightful owners.

„Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.“

(Karen Davison)