What to do if you find an animal?

  1. Up to now, an animal is still considered a “thing” under Spanish law. People who find a pet and do not return it are acting against the law of embezzlement according to article 254 of the Spanish Penal Code. This offence is punishable by a fine.
  2. Not every animal which is sighted alone is a stray or abandoned. Cats go on extensive excursions, both in the countryside as well as in cities. Also dogs sometimes go for walks on their own
  3. Animals seen alone should be observed first. If their fur is shiny, and they appear well-fed and unharmed, it is very likely that they are not strays or abandoned but just on a walk on their own.
  4. Do not feed it unless there is an obvious, urgent need.
  5. Ask around in the neighbourhood if the animal is known or missing.
  6. Before catching an animal and putting it under unnecessary stress, check our online portal to find out whether the animal has already been
  7. reported as "missing". If this is the case, please contact us! We will immediately get in touch with the owner to reunite them with their animal.
  8. If the animal is not yet registered as "missing" with us, you can place a free report by providing us with a photo of the animal and the location where it was found.
  9. By reporting a not yet registered animal, you will be given a registration number which will enable you to download a free flyer after. If you would like to help further, we would appreciate you distributing this flyer in the area. The more people know about the lost/found animals the higher are the chances for a happy ending.
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