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Join us! As a volunteer search helper as a part of MASCOTAFIND!

Join us! As a volunteer search helper as a part of MASCOTAFIND!

Let's face it! How often do we come across animals we don't know? They catch our eye because they are out and about on their own and we have never seen them before on our usual paths, in our home environment or in our garden. We have no way of knowing whether they have lost their way and are perhaps being desperately searched for by their owners.

A quick and easy means of communication between searching pet owners and people who keep their eyes and ears open is of great benefit. The quicker a lost animal is found and this can be communicated, the quicker it can be protected from accidents and other dangers and returned to its home.

Especially veterinarians and their staff often have contact with missing animals. Found animals are often handed in at practices, especially if they are sick or injured. The vet can check whether an animal is chipped and, as a helper, take the appropriate steps to ensure that the animal is returned to its owner as quickly as possible.

Animal shelters and animal welfare associations are also asked for help every day when it comes to reuniting found or lost animals with their owners.

By registering with MASCOTAFIND as a search helper, you can save an animal stays or even a life in an animal shelter. Animal shelters and animal welfare organisations are often overcrowded and overwhelmed by the large number of stray animals - one more reason to return lost and found animals to their homes as quickly as possible.

If you register as a helper, MASCOTAFIND will send you current search reports of missing animals in your area directly to your smartphone or by e-mail. You can share the search reports directly in your personal network and of course also pass them on to acquaintances and neighbours.

Every person who is informed about a lost animal increases the chance of finding the missing animal again.

Your support as a helper is absolutely non-binding and can be terminated at any time.

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