Frequently asked questions and the answers

Why a helper network?

A helper network extremely increases the possibilities of seeing an errant animal and then reporting it to us. So that we can find the owner as quickly as possible.

What is the idea behind MASCOTAFIND?

We want to return animals that have run away or been stolen to their rightful owners as quickly as possible. We are convinced that many animals have to live in shelters and animal rescue centres even though they have their own homes. Simply because without registration it is almost impossible to reunite animals and their owners. This way, animal shelters and rescue centres can be relieved and animals can be reunited with their owners.

Why a chip when the animal is registered with MASCOTAFIND?

We recommend injecting a chip into every animal, so that it is marked for life and can be identified at any time. It serves to protect the animal and increases the chance of bringing an animal back home. If the animal is also registered with MASCOTAFIND with a microchip number, this is the best protection for your animal if it should get lost.

What happens to my data that I register with MASCOTAFIND?

Your data is safe with us and will only be passed on with your express permission. If necessary, for example, to the finder or animal shelters or vets. You can find more details on this in our data protection information.

What to do if you suspect your pet has been stolen?

In addition to immediately reporting the theft to MASCOTAFIND, every pet owner should report the theft to the police. This also has the advantage of sensitising the authorities. If more animals are lost in the region, the investigation will be intensified.

Can I also register my animal only after it has been lost?

Of course you can. However, as it usually takes 3-4 working days to complete a registration, you lose valuable time to find your animal again.

What are the costs?

There is a one-time cost of 10 Euros for registration. This applies for the entire life of the animal, even in case of change of address of owner and animal. In addition, there is a fee of 15 Euros for a search report that you report to us.

Why should I register my pet with MASCOTAFIND?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Although many animals are microchipped, it is usually difficult to read the chip and find the rightful owner. Either the animal cannot be caught, or there is no one within "reach" who can read the chip. It is also often the case that the data stored on the chip is not updated. In addition, if a chip was placed in another country, it cannot be read in the next one (e.g. after a move). Respectively, no "access" to the data by the owner is possible.
Our database does not care in which country or region a microchip was placed or where an animal was tattooed. It is important that you as the owner let us know if your email address or mobile number has changed, so that we can contact you if you report an animal missing or if your animal is found.
But most importantly, the photos of missing and found animals allow us to match the animal that has been found or lost.

Why is MASCOAFIND a non-profit association registered in Switzerland?

Because, according to MASCOTFIND's enquiries, the Spanish government does not recognise the non-profit status of animal associations.