What to do if your animal is lost?

  1. Every case is different. Where did the animal get lost? Was it nearby its home or in a to the animal unfamiliar area? Did it happen on a walk or on the way to the vet?
  2. Did the animal get scared, panicked and ran away? Or did it suddenly stay away from home?
  3. In any case, remain calm. Don’t assume the worst right away. Maybe the animal is just on a excursion on its own and will return home within the next few hours! Or maybe it hears your call and comes back.
  4. If you have been missing your animal for a while, look for it in your house first. It may have been hiding somewhere or has accidentally been locked in the cellar, garage or stable.
  5. Ask around in the neighbourhood if anyone has seen your or if it could have accidentally been locked in somewhere.
  6. If your animal is registered with us, it can be quickly identified with the registration number or, if this is not immediately available, the name of the owner. You can register your missing animal here.
  7. Thanks to our database system, the information about your your missing animal is passed on to all linked places/organisations in the area such as vets, rescue centres, police (Seprona), etc.
  8. Once the missing animal report has been recorded, you can create a search poster as a PDF file which contains all the relevant information. Print it out and distribute it in the neighbourhood and in public places where it is allowed such as petrol stations, supermarkets etc.
  9. If you later find the animal somewhere else, please let us now. We will then delete the report.
Register disappearance