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5 years missing

With the permission of Kiki Drexler from Germany, we are allowed to publish her wonderful story on our site. This story, experienced on 16.4.2022, should encourage all those who have been missing their beloved animal for a long time: Already last autumn this beautiful longhaired cat visited friends of mine in their garden. Now the gardening season opened again a few days ago - and the cat was back. Because her fur was in a terrible state, I was called in for a chip reading. The whole coat is just clumps of fur and mats. Luckily, the sweetie is chipped AND registered, so the owner could be found today. The cat had been missing for 5 YEARS and is now returning home.

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Bus travel in Mallorca

Since 17 January 2022, pets are allowed on all bus lines of the Municipal Transport Company (Emt) of Palma de Mallorca. For an amount of 30 cents per trip for an animal, the owners of pets are allowed to take them either with a leash and muzzle or, in the case of smaller animals, in a basket or cage. With this measure, Emt (Empresa Municipal De Transports De Palma De Mallorca) wants to show more commitment to animal welfare.

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